Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Moments With Mercy - Interview With Kennedy Hayes!

Hey y'all, It's been a little bit since I've been able to do an interview on here, and I'm so excited to share the one I did with Kennedy!  We first heard the Mylon Hayes Family sing a few years ago at NQC and really enjoyed them.  We've heard them many times since and are always glad when we get the chance to see them.  Kennedy is one of the most talented young ladies in Southern Gospel Music (music period), and I know y'all will enjoy learning a little bit more about her just like I did.  So, let me tell you a little bit about the Hayes family and then we'll get started!

"The Mylon Hayes Family, from Hudson, NC, is a complete family ministering on full time basis. Mylon is originally from Boone, NC and has sung most of his life with his family, The Hayes Famil
Wendy is originally from Morganton, NC and sang solo’s in her church throughout her life as well. Mylon and Wendy were married in 1995. God has blessed them with 3 wonderful teenagers, twin boys Conner and Bailey who are now 18 years old and a daughter Kennedy that is 14. The kids are homeschooled allowing them the flexibility they need to travel. This family’s desire is to lift up the Lord with the music they sing, pointing people to the Cross. Jesus said in John 12:32 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me”. He was lifted up on that cross and took our punishment because of His great love for us all. The Mylon Hayes Family hope you see Jesus and realize His great love for you in the songs they sing and the words they say."

And now for the interview.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
"Well, here goes! I turn 15 this year and I'm the lead / soprano singer with The Mylon Hayes Family! I love playing piano and singing with my family!"

2. When did you get saved?
"I got saved when I was 8 years old after a revival service!"

3. What is your favorite part of singing with your family?
"Ugh, hard question. There's so much I love! But I love traveling and seeing new places! And I love to see young people still enjoying this music!"

4. What is your favorite song to sing?
"Current favorite is probably " I Choose To Stand"

5. What do you like to do in your free time?

6. What is something most people don't know about you?
"I may seem like your typical girly girl but I LOVE to fish!!! But I get my brothers to bait my hook haha!"

7. If you could meet anyone (in the past or present) who would it be?
"To say I'm a huge " Little House on the Prairie" fan is an understatement so probably Laura Ingalls Wilder!"

8. Who is your Biblical hero?
"It would have to be Noah. Not just because of the fun story, but because he wasn't afraid to step out in faith!"

9. What is the hardest part of being on the road as a young person?
"Trying to keep up with my schoolwork and traveling is not so easy but I make it work since I'm homeschooled!"

10. Where do you call home?
"We live in a small town called Hudson, North Carolina!"

Kennedy, thank you so much for doing this! Readers, I hope you enjoyed.  If you'd like to see if The Mylon Hayes Family is ever singing around you, go check out their website.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Moments With Mercy: Interview with Randy Crawford!!

Hey y'all, This is without a doubt one of the funnest interviews I've ever been able to do, especially the last 7 minutes or so :). And it was a honor to be able to do this interview. First, let me tell you a little bit about the Kingsmen:

"The successes of The Kingsmen have led to many prestigious opportunities. In 1977, The Kingsmen performed on the south lawn of the White House for President Jimmy Carter and in 1982 they performed at the opening ceremony of the World's Fair in Knoxville, TN which was broadcast on local and regional TV, with President Ronald Regan present to open the fair. The Kingsmen was also the first group to film and record a live performance at the famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and in 2000 they were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame followed by the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2008. They've garnered multiple dove awards and numerous Singing News Fan awards including favorite bass vocalist, tenor, baritone, lead, instrumentalist, video, the 1992 favorite song "Wish You Were Here" as well as favorite album by the same name, male quartet of the year, and group of the year. The Kingsmen band was voted favorite band a record 17 times making this quartet one of the most awarded groups in Southern Gospel Music. "The key is to never lose sight of what we are working towards" says Ray Reese, Kingsmen manager and bass singer. "We tour year in and year out to spread our music to people across the country. Our music has a message, the message of Christ. Every night we work to bring His message to our audience. Our goal is to see people saved through Jesus Christ whether we're singing indoors, outdoors, in an auditorium, church or studio recordings ". Today the Kingsmen consist of 2008 hall of fame inductee, Ray Dean Reese, his son Brandon Reese, Randy Crawford, Bob Sellers, and Joshua Horrell."

And now for the interview:

If you'd like to see when the Kingsmen will be in your area, go check out their website.
Randy, thank you so much for doing this!  Viewers, I hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Review of "Long Run" by The Old Paths!

Hey y'all,  I've been a big fan of The Old Paths for a while now and I was thrilled when they announced that they were coming back on the road for select dates!  We were able to go to their first concert back on the road at the Memphis Quartet Show.  As my sisters could tell you, this was the highlight of the entire week of MQS for me. :) While we were there I was able to pick up a copy of their new cd entitled Long Run.  It is a fantastic cd with great songs that encourage and inspire.
Here is a list of the songs on the cd.
1. Peace Is On The Way
2. In The Long Run (My personal favorite)
3. Broken People Like Me
4. Tangled In The Middle
5. At The Name Of Jesus (My Second Favorite)
6. My Everyday Life

They have they perfect mix of slow and upbeat songs and even though I put my top two above, there isn't a song on this cd I dislike!  If anything else, I wish the project was longer... :)
Also for anyone wondering, Steve's a great fit with them as tenor!! He doesn't overpower the group's sound (which you might expect from a tenor who's been doing solo work for the past several years),
but blends well to give that perfect quartet sound. We were impressed with how well the group
sounded both at Memphis and on this cd, which was actually recorded before their first concert together. You really can't tell that the Old Paths have been on hiatus for over a year, and that they have a brand new tenor to boot. Old Paths fans will quickly recognize the sound they loved before the group retired, and if you're hearing them for the first time, you'll quickly become a fan of the re-formed group!
Long Run is available online through iTunes this month, so make sure you get your copy!
Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Moments With Mercy - Interview with Bryan & Yvonne Hutson

Hey y'all,  I am so excited to share this interview with y'all!  I have been a fan of Bryan Hutson for as long as I can remember... my favorite song of his is, "When God Ran".  Last year Bryan announced is departure from Soul'd Out, along with the news of furthering his ministry work with his wife.  Before we get started let me tell you a little bit about them and their ministry.

"Rescue Me Ministries is a ministry dedicated to strengthening, encouraging and challenging couples to fight for their marriage and family.Bryan and Yvonne Hutson are gifted speakers and vocalists who are committed to sharing the love of Christ through song, word and personal testimony. They are a Christian couple committed to encouraging, strengthening and challenging other couples to FIGHT for their marriage and family."

And now for the interview.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves.
"We serve together as "Rescue Me Ministries." We sing, preach/sing and host marriage retreats. We are the parents of 4 children and 1 granddaughter."

2. How did you two meet?
"We met in West Virginia while I (Bryan) was a Worship Pastor."

3. How long has Bryan been singing SG?
"I (Bryan) began singing/playing gospel music when I was 13 years old. I was a drummer for my family group; "The Woods Family."

4. What sparked your interest in counseling couples?
"We have made major mistakes in our lives and we believe God used those mistakes to teach us and give us a passion for helping others not make those same mistakes."

5. Could you each share your salvation testimony?
"Bryan: I had been singing gospel music for about 6 years and was working at a local fast food restaurant so I could sing on the weekends. One evening while at work, God convicted me and I "knelt down in the mop water and accepted Christ."
Yvonne: I was in 6th grade and felt God dealing with my heart. I asked God to save me, but I totally surrendered my life to Him in 2005."

6. What is each of yours favorite vacation spot?
"Bryan: I love Hawaii and Banff Alberta Canada but going anywhere with Yvonne is fine with me!Yvonne: my favorite place is to be home with my husband and children."

7. Tell us a little bit about your new cd and when will it be released?
"Our new CD is called "Grace." It is a collection of songs that speak of God's grace and mercy. Our music is a mix of light contemporary and progressive southern gospel. When choosing songs, we focus on lyrics and biblical truth before musical style."

Bryan & Yvonne, thank you both so much for doing this!  Readers, I hope you enjoyed.  If you'd like to keep up with the Hutsons you can find them on Facebook at Friends of Bryan Hutson and Rescue Me Ministries.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 National Quartet Convention!

Hey, y'all!

We just wanted to take a few minutes today to tell you about our trip to the 2016 National Quartet Convention, and some of what we're looking forward to at this year's event!  As always, NQC was a blast and such a blessing and encouragement for all of us.  And we can't wait to be back there in just a little over 4 months!! So, let's get started.

The decision for NQC to remain in Pigeon Forge for the next five years was met with an overwhelming reaction.  Sure, there may have been a few small complications the first year, but together the NQC board and the city of PF have worked out any issues that arose.  There have been so many improvements made, and it's been a wonderful venue and location for convention.

As always, there was a great lineup of groups to meet, hear sing, and get to know.  Some of these quartets, trios, and solo artists that performed Main Stage were fan favorites such as Triumphant Quartet, Tribute Quartet, Legacy Five, The Kingsmen, The Ball Brothers, The Inspirations, Greater Vision, The Booth Brothers, Soul'd Out, The Talleys, The Jim Brady Trio, The Collingsworth Family, Gold City, The Kingdom Heirs, The Mylon Hayes Family, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, The Hoppers, etc.  The list could go on and on!

There were the evening concerts, but there were also chapels and many showcases such as the Vintage Quartet Showcase, the Stories of the Songs, the Matinee Extravaganza, Music, Music, Music, etc.  And we can't forget the Singing News Fan Awards!

There are many highlights that we'd love to share with you all, but we'll try to cut it down so as not to keep you here all day...

  • Sunday Evening Bonus Concert 
  • NQC Press Conference
  • Chapel: hearing Eric Bennett preach one morning was one of my absolute favorite parts of NQC!
  • Singing News Fan Awards - As always, this was so much fun seeing who the fan favorite in each category is! :)
  • NQC Artist Showcase - We were able to make it back to the artist showcase in the food court Wednesday and Saturday and it was a lot of fun hearing some GREAT groups. And I got to hear one of my favorite soloists - Steve Ladd.
  • Joseph Habedank Mainstage Friday Night.  Our family hasn't been able to see Joseph much since he left the Perrys and it was SO good to be able to see him on mainstage again.  And... For those of you who don't know, he'll be back again this year!
  • Saturday Night Finale - This is always a bittersweet night as you look back on the memories you've made during the week but it was also special this past year getting to hear some of the #1 songs that have now become classics.
NQC is seriously one of our biggest highlights of the year, and we've been making plans for 2017.  Speaking of the 2017 NQC, be sure to start making your own plans to attend as it will be the 60th Anniversary, and I've heard that it is going to be quite an event!

We are so excited and cannot wait for what is sure to be a special event, as well as one of the biggest highlights of our year.  So remember September 24th - 30th... a fantastic event you don't want to miss!


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Moments With Mercy - Interview With Thomas Nalley!

Hey y'all,

I am so excited to share this interview with all of you Gold City fans!  Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about Gold City.

"Their name is synonymous with setting the standard for male quartets since their inception in 1980. Many have tried to pattern their style and sound, but there’s only one Gold City. Theirs is a stellar career with numerous number one songs, fan and industry awards, and prestigious honors. Yet this Gadsden, Alabama-based group remains down-to-earth, grounded in their southern roots, and committed to continuing their mission of delivering power-packed four-part harmonies and singing songs that are meaningful, entertaining, inspiring, and uplifting.  Each member of Gold City is talented and dedicated to sharing the good news of the gospel through songs with encouraging and challenging lyrics, presented in an exciting performance on stage. Each man is committed to moving forward and taking Gold City even further than it has gone before. Remaining true to the heritage of the legacy of the past 30-plus years, Gold City continue to build on the great foundation that has already been established. In other words, there’s a lot more in store for Gold City fans old and new, so get ready–the future is now and the best is yet to come."

And now for the interview.

Thomas, Thank you so much for doing this.  Readers, I hope you enjoyed! If you'd like to see if Gold City is ever around you, go check out their website.  Also keep an eye out on their Facebook page and see if you can catch a "Live With the City"!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Moments With Mercy - Interview With Jordan Wilburn!

Hey everybody,  I'm so excited to share this interview with y'all!  I first started listening to Wilburn and Wilburn two years ago when they sang "You Asked Him To Leave" at NQC and I've been a fan ever since...  So, without further ado, let me tell you a little bit Jordan.

"Jordan Wilburn is a new name for Gospel music but with his ability to present a song with conviction and honesty, this talented young man will be singing his way into your heart very soon. Jordan has been in and around Gospel music all of his life. Jonathan says, "Before Jordan was born I would put headphones on my wife’s stomach and play gospel music". So you guessed it, this boy was born singing. Jordan states, " I have always loved singing about the goodness of Jesus. My dad has always been my hero and I am looking forward to being up there with him every night doing what God has for us to do". Jordan will be finishing his history degree while on the road with his father. I believe America is ready for the fresh new talent of this dynamic
singer. You will definitely be blessed by this new generation of Wilburns!"

And now for the interview.

Jordan, Thank you so much for doing this!  Readers, I hope you enjoyed.  Make sure to go check out Wilburn and Wilburn's website to see if they're ever around you!