Thursday, August 27, 2015

Changes for the National Quartet Convention!

Hello Everybody!

There have been a lot of changes as the National Quartet Convention was re-located to Pigeon Forge, TN.  Today, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a few of those changes.

The gorgeous Smoky Mountains!
1.  Location : I personally think the new location is great.  Yes, I will truly miss Louisville and I will always have fond memories of the years at the Expo Center, but there are also some amazing pros to Pigeon Forge.  My family and myself love the whole athmosphere in Pigeon Forge.  Everything is reasonably close by (including the gorgeous Smoky Mountains), locals warmly welcome NQC attendees, many businesses have signs welcoming the artists and fans, and it has more of the "small town community" southern hospitality.  
Chris Allman on one of the screens.

2.  Show Enhancements : The NQC Board and the Pigeon Forge Community worked together to add some new show enhancements for the 2015 National Quartet Convention.   Some of these include elevated seating so that those toward the back can see better, staggered rows so that nobody is sitting directly in front of you, and they are also adding more video monitors so that there will be as much as twice as many screens as there were last year!  Bravo NQC Board and Pigeon Forge!  You can find out more about these enhancements, and others here on the NQC website.  
Gerald Wolfe leading the Gospel Hymn Sing.
3.  Easier to Attend Extras : The years in Louisville we didn't make it to a lot of the extras just because of how far away we were staying, and figuring out hotel shuttles, etc.  In Pigeon Forge you can buy a Trolley Pass, and the Trolley can take you anywhere you need!  Since everything is much closer, it is much easier to attend some of the extras like the showcases, chapel services, Singing News Fan Awards, Comedy, Hymn Sings, and much more.  You can also get tickets for one of the Special NQC Shows at Dollywood featuring Tribute Quartet and Soul'd Out that you will not want to miss.  

 So yes, there are changes from the years in Louisville, but to us the good far outweighs the bad.  We love NQC, and can't wait for NQC 2015!

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