Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Behind the Songs : Bob Sellers of the Kingsmen Quartet!

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  Modesty here, back for another Behind the Songs - this time featuring Bob Sellers of the Kingsmen!  Before we get started, take a minute to read this short bio about the Kingsmen...

"The key is to never lose sight of what we are working towards" says Ray Reese, Kingsmen manager and bass singer. "We tour year in and year out to spread our music to people across the country. Our music has a message, the message of Christ. Every night we work to bring His message to our audience. Our goal is to see people saved through Jesus Christ whether we're singing indoors, outdoors, in an auditorium, church or studio recordings ". Today the Kingsmen consist of 2008 hall of fame inductee Ray Dean Reese, his son Brandon Reese, Randy Crawford, Bob Sellers, and Chris Jenkins.

Photo thanks to the Kingsmen.

      Tell us a little bit about yourself.  "I’m Bob Sellers and I joined The Kingsmen in 2011 singing Lead.  I am married for nearly 18 years to my high school sweetheart, Kansas (yes, just like the state…long story).  We have been blessed with three great kids – Corley (15, NEARLY 16!), Ellie (12) and Will (10).  I’m a lifelong resident of Pickens County, AL where I’ve spent most of my life in the small town of Gordo.  All my family is here and my wife teaches 6th grade here.  I have a 454 mile commute to Asheville, NC to meet the bus!"

Photo thanks to Bob Sellers.

      What is one of your current favorite songs?  "Gosh, that’s so HARD!  My favorite song at any given time is the current radio single by The Kingsmen.  Ha!  Right now, that’s “I Know” written by my buddy, Mrs. Ila C. Knight.  In all seriousness, it’s my favorite cut off of our latest CD “Battle Cry” and it was the first one we ever staged from that recording.  In fact, we heard Mrs. Ila sing it at a church we were at one night and fell in love with it.  Once we got the track cut, we started staging it before we’d even recorded it.  

Memories By Modesty

  A favorite song of mine for the past year or so has been “There Is Jesus” by The McKameys.  It’s just one of those songs that speaks to my heart, and of course, Mrs. Peg sells it like nobody else can.  Like “I Know”, this song has a great, scriptural message.

  One of my all-time favorite gospel songs is “Midnight Cry” introduced by Gold City when I was just a kid.  I’m sure a lot of people out there can agree on that one.  A couple of all-time favorite secular songs are “What A Wonderful World” and “Smile”.  I love positive music and I love that piano bar, easy listening style of jazz."

Memories By Modesty

  Bob, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us.  Readers, thank you for hanging out with us for a few minutes and hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about one of your favorite artists "Behind the Songs".  While you're here - make sure to head on over to the Kingsmen Quartet website or Facebook to learn a little bit more about them, listen to a few songs, or see when they'll be around you next.

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