Friday, April 22, 2016

Behind the Songs : Lisa Ann Ferguson!

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Photo Credit : Leslie Perkins Photography
Modesty here with a Behind the Songs featuring Lisa Ann Ferguson, of the gospel group - Great Day!  Before we get started, I want to share a little bit about the Ferguson Family and Great Day...

"Great Day is a family gospel music ministry.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the  Son of God and that He is our savior.  We hope that our ministry will not only reach the lost who do not know Jesus, but that it will also encourage those who are struggling, uplift those who are down, and create a joyful heart in all those we encounter.   The Ferguson Family is a home that believes in serving God.  We thank you for visiting our website today and ask that you pray for our ministry, that we might continue to keep Him first in all that we do and that His will be done as we travel and sing in His name!"

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Photo Credits : Leslie Perkins Photography
"My name is Lisa Ann Ferguson and I'm 21 years old. I live in central Florida with my family and we sing together as Great Day. My mom and dad, Bill and Brenda, raised me around music. My dad has always been a huge southern gospel fan! As far as the group is concerned, I usually sing lead. My younger siblings also sing with us (their names are Sara [19] and Steven [12]). I first started singing in church when I was 5. I stayed in music in school throughout the years, participating in band, musical theatre and chorus. My parents formed Great Day with a gentleman from our church about 10 years ago, and in September of 2009, I stepped in to fill in for a date and it wasn't too long after that we became a family ministry.  As we go into 2016, I am working on my first solo project! I'm very excited about the doors God has been opening for my family and for myself over the past few months for ministry!"

2.  What is your favorite song/s?
"As a person who just really really loves music, this is a really difficult question to answer... but one of my favorite songs would definitely have to be "Hide Me Behind the Cross" performed by Gold City. I'm actually putting the song on my solo project!"

3.  Tell us about/why it is your favorite song.
"As I said before, my dad has always been a huge southern gospel fan! I can remember when I was young sitting at my home church watching the Kingdom Heirs and listening to Gold City CDs in the car. Jay Parrack has always been one of my favorite tenors and "Hide Me Behind the Cross" one of my favorite songs he sang. For a long time it was just because it was pretty, but the older I get the more the message really means something to me. I want my life to follow His will for me. I want to do whatever I can to glorify Him and when I get up to minister, I want the glory to be His and I want lost or hurting souls to be reached because I stood up and let myself be a vessel for His word."

Lisa, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions and tell us a little bit about your favorite songs.  Readers, I hope you enjoyed, and be sure to stop by the Great Day website to check when they'll be singing in your area!

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