Saturday, June 11, 2016

Behind the Songs : Elaine Wilburn

Hello Everybody!

We are busy right now preparing for the Memphis Quartet Show (more about that later), but I wanted to take a few minutes to share another Behind the Songs with you - this time we will be featuring Elaine Wilburn.  We had the pleasure of seeing the Wilburn Reunion while on the 2016 Singing at Sea and throughly enjoyed it.

  Now, this is just a little fun fact for y'all before we get started... my first Southern Gospel Music concert was of The Wilburns and The Florida Boys at about a year old!

  1. Tell us a little about yourself - "I sang gospel music for over 42 years with my husband, Jackie Wilburn - in a quartet that changed other members along the way.  Twenty of those years we were known as weekend warriors. With our jobs, three young children and a weekend singing schedule - that often included four singings - I was a busy young woman. When the demands for our singing became more than we could handle - Jackie said - we are going to have to give up our jobs or the singing.  That started us on the journey of full time evangelist singing - which again - saw a long list of wonderfully talented people who wanted to serve the Lord with The Wilburns.  Even when Jackie's health was failing - we held to a full time schedule of him preaching and our group singing nation wide. Finally in 2005 - it became necessary for us to discontinue the group - but Jackie and I traveled for several more years as a duet.  He passed away in 2011 - but I continue to sing occasionally and travel some with my son, Jonathan and grandson, Jordan - Wilburn & Wilburn. I still live in our home in Carthage - where I am actively involved in my local church - and work with our family to promote the annual Jackie Wilburn Memorial Spring Sing."
  2. What is one of your favorite songs that you have performed or written? - "Some of the songs that I have recorded and sung through the years - and continue to sing until this day - are - "Hand of the Lord" - "I Won't Have To Worry" - "That's My Boy" - "I Know Jesus" - and "Strength for the Journey, "Better Farther On".  It is hard for me to say which is my favorite because it really depends on the move of the Holy Spirit that causes the lyrics to be illuminated in my heart and mind - that helps me deliver a song.  I guess "The Hand of the Lord" brings me to that moment more than any other I sing."  
  3. Tell us about one of your favorite songs and why it is so special to you.  - "On Sat. night - the week before my husband passed away the next Fri. night we sang together for the last time on this earth.  The song we sang was "Let the First One Be Me".  I will always remember how proud I was of him that night, because after having several light strokes - he had to work on being able to perform a 30 min. program - and that night - he sang that last song - perfectly.  It was a moment I will treasure the rest of my life."
You can visit the Wilburn & Wilburn website to find out more about the Annual Jackie Wilburn Memorial Spring Sing, as well as view the Wilburn & Wilburn schedule.  Elaine, thank you so much for taking the time to let us learn a little bit more about you.  Readers, I hope you enjoyed, and be sure to check back soon for more regarding the Memphis Quartet Show.  

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