Monday, June 13, 2016

Memphis Quartet Show

Hey y'all,

  This will be our first time going to the Memphis Quartet Show and we are really excited!  We normally do an event like this once or twice a year so we pretty much know how it works.  Here is what the schedule will be.

There will be TWO matinees the first one is Thursday which features the Second Half Quartet (Gerald Wolfe, Chris Allman, Rodney Griffin, Mark Trammell and Pat Barker).  And the second one is Saturday which features the Booth Brothers Quartet.  Both of these matinees start at 1pm.

Now for the evening concerts! :)
The first concert is Wednesday evening which features the Mark Trammell Quartet, Hopper Brothers 2.0 Quartet, Kingsmen Quartet, Ball Brothers Quartet, Masters Voice Quartet, And the Blackwood Brothers Quartet.

  Thursday - Primitive Quartet, Dixie Echoes Quartet, Down East Boys Quartet, Mark Trammell Quartet, Soul'd Out Quartet and the Anchormen Quartet.

  Friday - This night should  be a lot of fun since it is an "All Night Sing"!! (Not literally of course it just runs later. :)   This evening we get to hear from Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Quartet, Inspirations Quartet, Freedom Quartet, Dixie Echoes Quartet, Blackwood Brothers Quartet, Florida Boys Quartet, Gerald Williams & The Melody Boys Quartet.

  Saturday which is the last night :(  We also get to hear from a lot of great Quartets - Triumphant Quartet, Gold City Quartet, Lefevre Quartet, Dixie Melody Boys Quartet and Tribute Quartet.

This weekend will be so much fun and we can't wait to be there!  If any of our readers are there we would love to meet y'all! :) 

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