Friday, August 26, 2016

Fan Spotlight : Gerry Snyder Jr. from TN!

Hello, all!

Modesty here today, with the first feature in our Fan Spotlight Series! We wanted to start this series as a way for us (and you!) to learn a little bit more about our readers and fellow-SG fans. First off we have...

Gerry Snyder Jr. from TN!

Tell Us a Little About Yourself :
"My name is Gerry Snyder Jr and I live just outside Knoxville TN. I work as a shipper for a cardboard box company. I enjoy spending time in the Great Smoky Mountains, Dollywood and the Chick Fil A restaurant chain. In fact, I worked for Chick Fil A for 15 years as a restaurant manager." How Did You Get Started Listening to SG? : "My family loves Southern Gospel. I lived in Pennsylvania and went to see the Rex Nelon Singers quite often. When we moved to Florida, we saw groups like The Mullins, The Jacobs Brothers, the Kingsmen, Perrys. I guess I grew up listening to Southern Gospel. Now that I live in East Tennessee, I am blessed to see groups like the Kingdom Heirs whenever I feel like it. I only live 1 hour from Dollywood." What is the First Group You Remember Seeing? : The first group I remember seeing was the Rex Nelon Singers. It was Rex Nelon, Jerry Thompson, Kelly Nelon Thompson and Karen Peck (later Karen Peck Gooch). I remember loving the original version of the song "We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown." What is One of Your Favorite Group/s? : "I love the Kingdom Heirs. Still like the Cathedrals and the Florida Boys (not the current version of this group). Karen Peck and New River has the most songs on my iPod."

What is One of Your Current Favorite Songs? : "Where's John" by the Kingdom Heirs. Sadly, what the song talks about is going to happen. Actually, it is exciting for us Christians. As a preacher, I constantly tell my listeners that they must talk about and live out their faith." Have you Previously Attended NQC? : "Yes, the first time I went to NQC was in 2007 for the 50th anniversary of NQC. Also went in 2011, 2012 and 2013(for the last year in Louisville). Also went in 2014." What Part of NQC Do You Most Enjoy/Look Forward To? : "I love hearing David Jeremiah preach. I also enjoy the artist showcases that feature up and coming artists. There is some amazing talent in those showcases. I also enjoy the Songwriters showcase. It is interesting to hear the stories behind the songs. I also enjoy visiting with my favorite artists."

Gerry, thank you so much for taking the time to participate in our Fan Spotlight! Loved getting to know a little more about one of our readers. Everybody keep an eye out, as we have several others lined up that will be posted over the next few weeks. If you're interested in being featured in our Fan Spotlight, send us an email (southerngospelgazette(at) or message us on FB.

-Modesty + Mercy

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