Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Moments With Mercy : Interview With Arthur Rice

Hey everybody, while we were at NQC this year I was given the chance to interview Arthur Rice of the Kingdom Heirs!  First let me tell you a little bit about the group.

"From the Mountains of East Tennessee, Southern Gospel Music fills the air and is the home of The Kingdom Heirs, one of Southern Gospel Music’s top Male Quartets. The group sang in local churches and concert halls in 1981, and as their music and message spread to a wider audience, so did their popularity and demand. Later in 1981 they began singing at the Silver Dollar City theme park, which is now Dollywood. In 1986 when the theme park took on their new name, The Kingdom Heirs were asked to become the resident gospel group and now this year, both The Kingdom Heirs and Dollywood will be celebrating 28 years. Not only are they one of Dollywood’s favorites, but a favorite to millions everywhere.
The Kingdom Heirs have been nominated many times for industry awards such as The SGMA Awards, Dove Awards and The Singing News Fan Awards. Winning Newcomer Group of the Year in 1989, the group has been a constant favorite. The latest award is 2014 Band of the Year, which the band also won in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2013. They have also had many top ten songs, and currently have had 38 top 5 songs in a row and 11 number 1 songs including their latest number #1 song,"I'll Know I'm Home", "The Borrowed Tomb", "Just Beyond The Sunset" (Nominated for Song of the Year), "Just Preach Jesus" (Nominated for Song of the Year), "Tell Me Why" and "He Locked The Gates" . Over the past years they have had 28 songs nominated for Song of the Year. With a nine-month schedule performing to thousands of people a year at Dollywood, the group also tours for eight weeks, January through March. All of their tour scheduling is done in house. Recording for Crossroads Marketing on the Sonlite Records label, they are distributed nationally in retail, Christian Book Stores and Internet. Their latest recordings include, Redeeming The Time, We Will Stand Our Ground, By Request, Songs From The Redbook, The Heart of Christmas, Its Christmas, When You Look at Me, True To the Call and White Christmas CD.
The group’s manager is Kreis French. Kreis is the owner and is in his 34th year with the group. Along with managing the Kingdom Heirs, Kreis plays the bass guitar for the group.  He was raised on Southern Gospel music. With Christian parents, he gives his Dad and Mom all the credit for his talent and sense of humor toward life."
With Arthur and Tammy Rice at NQC

And now for the interview.

Arthur, Thank you so much for doing this!  Readers I hope you enjoyed.  You can find the Kingdom Heirs on Facebook and Twitter. Also, head on over to their website and see if they are ever around you.
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