Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 National Quartet Convention!

Hey, y'all!

We just wanted to take a few minutes today to tell you about our trip to the 2016 National Quartet Convention, and some of what we're looking forward to at this year's event!  As always, NQC was a blast and such a blessing and encouragement for all of us.  And we can't wait to be back there in just a little over 4 months!! So, let's get started.

The decision for NQC to remain in Pigeon Forge for the next five years was met with an overwhelming reaction.  Sure, there may have been a few small complications the first year, but together the NQC board and the city of PF have worked out any issues that arose.  There have been so many improvements made, and it's been a wonderful venue and location for convention.

As always, there was a great lineup of groups to meet, hear sing, and get to know.  Some of these quartets, trios, and solo artists that performed Main Stage were fan favorites such as Triumphant Quartet, Tribute Quartet, Legacy Five, The Kingsmen, The Ball Brothers, The Inspirations, Greater Vision, The Booth Brothers, Soul'd Out, The Talleys, The Jim Brady Trio, The Collingsworth Family, Gold City, The Kingdom Heirs, The Mylon Hayes Family, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, The Hoppers, etc.  The list could go on and on!

There were the evening concerts, but there were also chapels and many showcases such as the Vintage Quartet Showcase, the Stories of the Songs, the Matinee Extravaganza, Music, Music, Music, etc.  And we can't forget the Singing News Fan Awards!

There are many highlights that we'd love to share with you all, but we'll try to cut it down so as not to keep you here all day...

  • Sunday Evening Bonus Concert 
  • NQC Press Conference
  • Chapel: hearing Eric Bennett preach one morning was one of my absolute favorite parts of NQC!
  • Singing News Fan Awards - As always, this was so much fun seeing who the fan favorite in each category is! :)
  • NQC Artist Showcase - We were able to make it back to the artist showcase in the food court Wednesday and Saturday and it was a lot of fun hearing some GREAT groups. And I got to hear one of my favorite soloists - Steve Ladd.
  • Joseph Habedank Mainstage Friday Night.  Our family hasn't been able to see Joseph much since he left the Perrys and it was SO good to be able to see him on mainstage again.  And... For those of you who don't know, he'll be back again this year!
  • Saturday Night Finale - This is always a bittersweet night as you look back on the memories you've made during the week but it was also special this past year getting to hear some of the #1 songs that have now become classics.
NQC is seriously one of our biggest highlights of the year, and we've been making plans for 2017.  Speaking of the 2017 NQC, be sure to start making your own plans to attend as it will be the 60th Anniversary, and I've heard that it is going to be quite an event!

We are so excited and cannot wait for what is sure to be a special event, as well as one of the biggest highlights of our year.  So remember September 24th - 30th... a fantastic event you don't want to miss!


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