Saturday, October 14, 2017

Channing Eleton-Fredericksburg #CDReview

Hey everyone,

We had an absolutely amazing time at NQC this year and while we were there, we filmed several interviews which we'll be posting over the next couple of months.  One of the artists we were able to interview is Channing Eleton, former Gold City pianist and a talented soloist. It was great to have the chance to talk to Channing while there, and we are thrilled to be able to share his new cd with you all! As we get started, I just have to tell you-this cd has been on repeat ever since we got it!

Here's the song list:
1. Launching Out Into The Deep
2. Fredericksburg
3. Big Top
4. Modern Day Prodigal
5. Bring To Me Isaac
6. Pour Down The Peace
7. Keep On Movin'
8. Bigger Than The Sun
9. The Silence Of God

This is a fantastic cd and every song has a good message! One of the neatest things to me about this cd is that Channing wrote all the songs as well as playing a lot of the background music. Channing has a talent for taking a "common" theme (the prodigal son, Abraham and Isaac just to name a couple) and putting a very unique spin on them to turn it into a beautiful song. There is a good mix of upbeat and slower paced songs that will keep you popping this in your player over and over.

Fredericksburg, track 2, is one of the most unique songs I've ever heard and I love how personal it is. It's not often you hear somebody's salvation testimony put into song. I love it because it will bring your own salvation experience to mind and at the same time, this will challenge those who haven't accepted Christ as their Savior.

Bring To Me Isaac (my personal favorite song on the cd) shares the account of Abraham being willing to sacrifice his son, but goes a step further by highlighting the blessing that followed Abraham's obedience. This is compared to us as believers, and how God will bless our obedience if we give Him control of our dreams. This song is a prime example of that unique aspect I mentioned earlier!

The Silence of God is another of my favorites (although I think I actually claim five of the nine songs as favorites!) that will encourage any believer. Whether you're going through a trial right now, or you're looking back at something you just came out of, this will give you hope and comfort when you feel like God isn't listening.

If you are looking for a new cd to try out for yourself or as a gift for a friend (the Holidays will soon be here!) do yourself a favor and pick this cd up! I promise, you will be encouraged, blessed, challenged, and uplifted!

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