Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Moments With Mercy- Interview With Channing Eleton

Hello everyone, I am so excited to share this interview with y'all. 
At NQC this year I had the pleasure to meet Channing Eleton and his family for the first time and it was such an honor!
For those of you who haven't kept up with him since he left Gold City let me tell you a little bit about him and then we'll get started.
"October of 2005, Channing resigned his position as Gold City’s keyboardist. Channing reflects, “I’ll always be thankful for my days spent with Gold City. Not only did I grow ‘leaps and bounds’ as a musician, I learned so many valuable lessons in professionalism. The Gold City guys are first class in my book and I’ll always love them and value their friendships.”November of 2005 finds Channing winning yet another ‘peer voted’ award, the Southern Gospel Music Guild’s ‘Musician Of The Year’. Channing recalls, “What was so special about this particular award show is the fact that I got to share the stage with a huge influence, hero and friend, Anthony Burger. We played a duet of one of his songs. Not only that, but I got to have a long talk with Anthony and his wife LuAnn, at the pre-show dinner. What a special memory. It was the last time I ever saw Anthony.”“For a couple of years, I was involved with a music ministry that included former Gaither Vocal Band member Buddy Mullins, Buddy’s wife Kerri, and former Sunday Drive and Martins member Paul Lancaster. This ministry was called Everyday Driven. God taught me so much during my time with these great people.”“The older I get, the more I realize that God uses the different seasons of our lives to prepare for us what’s to come. I have learned to keep looking ahead. Keep plowing forward, while enjoying the present and living each day to its fullest.”These days finds Channing still doing what he loves, making music. “My experiences allow me to do so many things I enjoy. I go out and minister to people one on one in my solo concerts. I also enjoy working in the studio with various artists, either producing or playing on their records.”Channing shares, “I want to reach people for the cause of Christ. And to get to them, I am using a powerful ministry resource…music. I have a testimony and God has given me the gift of music and the ‘Ultimate Gift’, His Son Jesus Christ. How can I not go and share it with the world?"

Just a side note, I want to apologize for my hair blowing in my face... It was a little windy that evening! And now for the interview.

If you'd like to keep up with Channing you can find him on Facebook.
Channing, Thank you so much for doing this.  Readers, I hope you enjoyed!

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