Monday, March 5, 2018

Backstage with Brett Sanders!

Hey, y'all!

Modesty here today, and we want to take you backstage with Brett Sanders.  Some of you may know Brett from his days with Redemptions Plan, but he now has a solo ministry of his own!


(TwoSisSGG) : Tell us a little about yourself and your ministry.  (Brett) : My name is Brett Sanders. I live in Wilsonville, Alabama with my wife Kasey  and our 2 beautiful children, Connor (6) and KyleeAnn (2). I was raised singing in church and knew that singing for God was always my purpose. It wasn't until a few months ago that I decide to start my own ministry and set out to fulfill my purpose.  (Two SisSGG) : Would you share your salvation testimony with us?  (Brett)As I stated above I have always been raised in church, I was saved at an early age. The older I got I started to run away from God and church. Then, God gave me the biggest challenge that I had faced in my life in 2011. My son was born deaf. I was angry at God and questioned God why a lot. I ran even harder. My eyes were opened when my wife and I decided to start going to a new church and I heard the song Sometimes It Takes a Mountain.... Connor was my mountain. It took that mountain to get a hold of me. God showed me that Connor was given to me to make me stronger and to draw closer to him. I rededicated my life to Christ, and knew that my purpose was to sing for God. To share my testimony to anyone and everyone.  (TwoSisSGG) : How did you get started singing SG? (Brett)I was born and raised in a church full of singers. I watched my grandmother sing and play the piano every Sunday. SGM is in my blood.  (TwoSisSGG) : What is your favorite book of the Bible?  (Brett) : Revelations.  (Two SisSGG) : What is a current favorite song that you sing, and why?  (Brett)All My Hope by Crowder, because it is true all my hope is in Jesus. Thank God my yesterday is long gone.  (Two SisSGG) : Who has been one of, or some of, the biggest influences in your SGM singing.  (Brett)Gaither Vocal Band and My grandmother, Sandra Allen.  (Two SisSGG) : What keeps you busy when you're at home?  (Brett)When I am home I am glued to my tablet listening to gospel music to learn new songs and learning vocal control. Music is my families TV. We are always in kitchen listening to music.  (Two SisSGG) : What is something most people don't know about you?  (Brett) : I am pretty much an open book.  (Two SisSGG) : What is a funny story from your time on the road?  (Brett) : So far nothing funny... yet.  (Two SisSGG) : Do you have a word you'd like to add for our readers?  (Brett) : Joshua 1:9... look it up.


You can visit both website and Facebook page to check out some of his music videos, concert schedule, booking information, and more!  Brett, thank you so much for being featured on Two Sisters'.  Readers, we hope you enjoy and then head over and give Brett's page a like!

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