Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fan Spotlight- Josh Griffin

Hey y'all,  Back to share another fan spotlight with you all!  We had the chance to "meet" Josh and his sister Jessica at NQC last year and have gotten to chat a little bit on Facebook since then.
Instead of me rambling, let's get started!
"Josh singing with Ray Dean Reese"

Tell us a little about yourself.
Josh: "My name is Joshua Griffin & I am 28 years old. I am from & currently live in Fitzgerald, GA. I have two sisters, one is a twin. I am a born again Christian. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior on September 17, 2004."

Mercy: When and what got you started listening to SG?
Josh: "My family has always sang Southern Gospel Music for as long as I can remember. My grandpa was a preacher who ran revivals & pastored several churches in South Georgia. My mom & my two uncles would sing with my Grandpa. A lot of my Grandpa’s family would sing & play instruments."

Mercy: Do you remember what album/recording, concert, or group you heard first?
Josh: "One of the first concerts I attended was in a summer of the late 90’s in Waycross, GA, at an all night sing at Memorial Stadium. On the lineup that night was The Nelons, The Kingsmen, The Florida Boys, & some other groups. I was big fan of Rex Nelon at that time & was excited to see & hear him in person. Rex Nelon was sick that particular weekend & didn’t make the trip down to Waycross. I was disappointed, but that’s when The Kingsmen got my attention. I fell in love with the lineup of Jerry Martin, Bryan Hutson, Parker Johnathan, Ray Dean Reese, Greg Fox, Andrew Ishee, Jason Selph, & Randy Miller! My mama & daddy bought me several cassette tapes that night of The Kingsmen!"
"Josh w/ Bryan Hutson, Ernie Phillips, Squire Parson, Arthur Rice and Ray Reese."

Mercy: What are your top five favorite groups?
Josh: "Top five favorite groups: Kingsmen, Gold City, Kingdom Heirs, The Browders, & Dixie Echoes"

Mercy: What is one of your current favorite songs?
Josh: "Current favorite song: Testament by The Perrys. My all time favorite song: “I’ll Live Again” by The Kingsmen."
"Josh w/ Nick Trammell"

Mercy: What SG song was last played on your iPod/CD player?
Josh: "Last song played on my iPod: “Travelin’ Home” by The Kingsmen from the Chattanooga Live album."

Mercy: How many SG groups have you seen in concert?  Have you kept a tally of how many concerts you’ve attended?
Josh: "Wow! I have seen most of the groups that currently travel every week now, thanks in large parts to attending NQC last year & doing two Singing at Sea cruises. I used to try to keep up with all of the groups that I seen each year but I haven’t done that in a while!"

Mercy: Out of all the concerts/events you’ve attended, is there one in particular that sticks out to you as a favorite?
Josh: "So many great experiences & memories made at concerts! I have been blessed to sing on stage with The Kingsmen during concerts 5 times & some of those are on YouTube 🤪. I love the experiences of the Singing at Sea, I have hung out with The Kingsmen on their bus after a concert(thanks Bryan Hutson)!"

Mercy: Do you prefer to download music, or own the physical cds?
Josh: "I LOVE to collect the CDs with the booklet inserts & cases. I also download a lot too, but I usually buy the CD right after I download the album."

Mercy: Do you sing or play any musical instruments?  If so, what part or instrument?
Josh: I attempt to sing some bass & baritone, but mostly play acoustic guitar, bass guitar, & I can play a little bit on the mandolin.

Mercy: What SG song do you turn on for a pick-me-up?
Josh: “I’ll Live Again”, “Oh Yes I Am”(both Kingsmen songs), “Walking & Talking with Jesus”(Kingdom Heirs), & “Come On In”(Anchormen)."

Mercy:  What SG song do you turn on when you need to relax?
Josh: "Any live Kingsmen album! I am blessed to own a lot of old Kingsmen live albums(the black round records) & from time to time, I will play them on the record player."

"Josh w/ Bob Sellers (Randy Crawford photobombing)"
Mercy: If you could choose one SG song as a life song, what would it be?
Josh: “I’ll Live Again” by The Kingsmen. Mrs. Ila Knight did a fantastic job writing that song! As a Christian, when this life here is done, I will live again forever in Heaven! What a promise!"

Mercy: Do you own any SG records/cassette tapes or do just digital downloads/cds?
Josh: "I own MANY CD’s, DVD’s, VHS tapes, vinyl records, & digital downloads!"

Josh, thank you so much for sharing about your love of SG with us!  It's always encouraging to see other young people that are enthusiastic about gospel music.  Readers, be sure to check back soon for a new interview, and remember, if you're interested in being featured send us an email to :  

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