Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fan Spotlight : Nicholas W.

Hey, all!

Modesty here, with a new Fan Spotlight feature for you.  We had Nicholas on the blog in September of 2016, and he's back for a second go-round!


(M) : Tell us a little about yourself.  (NicholasW) : I’m a 16 year old who loves Southern Gospel Music (particularly quartets) and who loves to hang out with friends and watch the Andy Griffith Show.  (M) : When and what got you started on SGM?  (NicholasW) :  I truly got into SG music in 2012, when I saw the Kingdom Heirs for the first time at Dollywood.  (M) : Do you remember which album/concert/group you heard first?  (NicholasW) :  The first group I saw live in concert was the Dove Brothers, I believe. I don’t remember the first album I heard.  (M) : What are your top five favorite groups?  (NicholasW) : That’s a hard question!! Five of my favorite groups are the Kingdom Heirs, Gold City, The Cathedrals, the Statesmen and the Blackwood Brothers.   (M) : What is one of your current favorite songs?  (NicholasW) :  My favorite song is and will always be, “He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away”.  (M) :  What SG song was last played on your iPod/CD player?  (NicholasW) :  The last song I played I think was, “We’re Gonna Rise” by my dear friends, The Little’s.  (M) :  How many SG groups have you seen in concert?  Have you kept a talley of how many concerts you've attended?  (NicholasW) :  I have no idea how many groups I’ve seen in concert (a lot of them I’ve just seen at NQC) and I have not kept a tally but that is a good idea!  (M) : Out of all the concerts/events you've attended, is there one to you as a favorite?  (NicholasW)  :  One concert that sticks out to me that I’ve attended was when Gold City came to my church on February 14th, 2015. Aside of salvation, that was probably the best day of my life!! Another event that always sticks out to me is NQC.  (M) :  Do you prefer to download music, or own the physical CDs?  (NicholasW) :  I probably prefer to download music (Apple Music). However, I love CD’s when I wanna listen to music in the car.  (M) :  Do you sing or play any instruments?  If so, what part or instrument?  (NicholasW) :  I sing at home just for fun (I love to sing) but I don’t do it professionally at all and I’ve picked up guitar a few times but I’ve not stuck with it.  (M) :  What song do you turn on for a pick-me-up?  (NicholasW) :  I don’t have a particular song in mind but I’d definitely turn on something upbeat if I need a pick-me-up.  (M) :  What song do you turn on when you need to relax?  (NicholasW) :  Once again, I don’t have a particular song in mind, but in this situation, I’d turn on something slower.  (M) :  If you could choose one song as a life song, what would it be?  (NicholasW) :  "He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away".  (M) :  Do you own any SG records/cassettes, or just downloads/CDs?  (NicholasW) : I own 2 records and about 4 or 5 cassettes.


Nicholas, thank you so much for joining us for this!  Readers, we hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about a fellow-SG fan.  If you'd like to be featured in the Fan Spotlight, send us a message or email us at : southerngospelgazette(at)  

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