Friday, April 27, 2018

CD Review: The LeFevre Quartet Ascending #Ascending #LeFevreQuartet

Calling all fans of quartet music! Today is the release date of a new album by one of our family's favorite groups, the LeFevre Quartet. We preordered our copy, so we've had it long enough to listen and decide what we do and don't like about it. In all honesty, there's only one thing we disliked about the album and that is the fact that it only has 8 songs on it. This is a new trend in music that seems to be gaining popularity, although I still love the longer 10 or 11 song albums that used to be standard. However, when the only "bad" thing you can say about an album is that you wish it was longer, that says a lot about how good the project is!

Ascending starts out with I Have It All, an upbeat quartet song, and it just gets better from there. (I've seen other reviewers make note of this as well, but the first time we heard the song I mentioned that it was the perfect album opener. Fun, happy, and with a great message.) "There aren't any filler songs on this album" is a phrase that gets overused a lot of times, but that is literally true with Ascending. All 8 songs are Biblically sound, deliver a solid message, and range from slow ballads to traditional quartet songs to the song Revival, which is a bit different than you'd typically expect to hear from the LeFevres but yet keeps the male quartet harmony going strong. Sailing Away is the quintessential quartet song that will get you clapping, toe-tapping, and singing along.

This album relies heavily on Jordan LeFevre's talent and gives him a chance to really shine. When you hear his features on Ascending, it leaves no doubt the future of Southern Gospel music is in good hands. I can't wait to see/hear A Rugged Old Cross in concert! (My personal favorite of his solos on the album).

Keith Plott has long been one of my favorite bass singers and the more I hear him, the more I realize just why that is! He has quite a range and moves easily from singing the smooth ballads to his upbeat feature on Silver And Gold.

Mike LeFevre puts emotion and heart into a song like very few can, and that stands out on his solo, I'll See You At The House. If you have recently lost a loved one, this is a song you will be putting on repeat. It's a wonderful reminder that goodbyes aren't forever.

I saved the best, in my opinion, for last. It was very hard to choose a favorite song from this album (another overused phrase, I know). I hesitate many times to say, "This is my favorite" because that often changes based on what situation or season I'm facing. However, after listening to the entire album through many times (at least 50), I have to say that Only Jesus has settled into the number one spot for me. It's a timeless song, meaning that it's relevant to everyone at every time-whether you're in a valley or on the mountaintop. We as believers always need reminded of what Christ has done for us, and I think this song drives home just how amazing our Savior truly is. Only Jesus could "shed the precious Blood that frees us" and that is something we can never hear too often. As a bonus, this song not only packs the greatest personal impact for me, but it features one of my favorite tenors and singers, Jeremy Peace, and highlights his amazing range.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Ascending online through the LeFevre Quartet's website, or download it digitally through iTunes. This is an album that every quartet and SGM fan will want in their collection!

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