Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fan Spotlight : Matthew Benton

Hey, y'all!

We're back this morning with another Fan Spotlight, this time featuring Matthew Benton- a PK that LOVES Southern Gospel!  

(Modesty): Tell us a little about yourself.
(Matthew): Well, my name is Matthew Benton and I'm the PK at Stokley's Chapel Baptist Church.  I LOVE SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC!!!!

(Modesty): When and what got you started listening to SGM?  Do you remember what album/recording, concert, or group you heard first?
(Matthew): My aunt Rebekah got me in to southern gospel music when I was 10. She was addicted to Brian free then so I only listened to Brian free. Then when I turned 12, me and my family went to Dollywood for the first time. I was all about those roller coasters!! My dad said, “Well, we are going to go see the Kingdom Heirs one time.” I thought it was like a 10 minute concert. When I looked into the program book it said 40 minutes!!! I thought that it was such a waste of time!!!! But Dad made me go, and boy am I glad we did. Ever since that concert at Dollywood, I have been a HUGE fan of SG music. Arthur rice gave my dad a free copy of their new cd, “redeeming the time” and I listened to it about 100xs!!!! That was the first cd I started to listen to.

(Modesty): What are your top five favorite groups?
(Matthew): My top five favorite groups are: 1) THE KINGDOM HEIRS 2) The Kingsmen 3) The Inspirations 4) The Perry’s 5) The Erwins.

(Modesty): What is one of your current favorite songs?
(Matthew): One of my favorite current favorite songs is “Heaven Was Counting to Three” by The Kingdom Heirs.

(Modesty): What SG song was last played on your iPod/CD player?
(Matthew): The last song that was played on my phone was “You Are Welcome Here” by The Erwins.

(Modesty): How many SG groups have you seen in concert?  Have you kept a tally of how many concerts you’ve attended?
(Matthew): I’ve seen the Kingdom Heirs 20xs!!! 2 in concerts and 18 at Dollywood. I’ve seen the Inspirations 4xs and I’ve seen the Erwins 1x and the Kingsmen 3xs. And I’ve been to NQC one night last year.

(Modesty): Out of all the concerts/events you’ve attended, is there one in particular that sticks out to you as a favorite?
(Matthew): The one that really stuck out was probably NQC. I’ve watched videos of NQC, but never been there until last year. It was a GREAT night!!!!

(Modesty): Do you prefer to download the music, or own the physical CD's?
(Matthew): I prefer to download music on my phone off of Apple Music.

(Modesty): Do you sing or play any musical instruments?  If so, which part or instrument?
(Matthew): I have sang ever since I could talk! I sing lead and a little baritone. I hope to one day sound like Arthur Rice!! I don’t play any instruments.

(Modesty): What SG song do you turn on for a pick-me-up?
(Matthew): A song that I play as a pick me up is probably “Just Beyond the Sunset”  by the Kingdom Heirs.

(Modesty): What SG song do you turn on when you need to relax?

(Matthew): A song that I play to relax is probably “When You Look at Me” by the Kingdom Heirs.

(Modesty): If you could choose one SG song as a life song, what would it be?
(Matthew): If I could have a life song it’ll probably be, “Calvary Answers for Me!” by the Perry’s. It reminds us that no matter what the devil says, no matter how sinful I am, Calvary answers for me!!!!!

(Modesty): Do you own any SG records/cassette tapes or do you stick with digital downloads+cds?
(Matthew): Um.. I do not have any cassettes or records, all I have is CDs and downloaded music (and a lot of it!).

(Modesty): Is there anything else you'd like to add for our readers?
(Matthew):  Special thanks to these six people that were extremely friendly to me when I started to listen to SG- Josh Horrell, Dennis Murphy, Matt Dible, Arthur Rice, Loren Harris, and Bob Sellers.  Of course a lot of people were nice, but these six I would call friends!

Matthew, thank you so much for participating!  It's always a pleasure to get to know some of our readers and fellow-SG Fans.  Readers, do you have a story to share or an artist you'd like to see interviewed?  Email us at southerngospelgazette@gmail.com to be featured or send feedback!

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