Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fan Spotlight : Rebecca Pethtel

Good evening, everyone!  

We usually don't post in the evenings, but I wanted to get this new Fan Spotlight up so you all could enjoy it as well.  I am loving the opportunity to get to know all of these young people that are so enthusiastic about gospel music!


(Modesty): Tell us a little about yourself.
(Rebecca): My name is Rebecca Pethtel, I’m 17 years old and I go to church at Progress Baptist in Hendersonville NC. I love music especially SG!

(Modesty): When and what got you started listening to SGM?
(Rebecca): When I was 4-5 our pastor (Ralph Sexton Jr. of Trinity Baptist) asked my older sisters and I to sing “Thank You Lord” for a service. Then he asked us to sing it so regularly, we decided to start learning new songs and sing them as well. Then pastors and other people would ask us to sing at their revival, homecoming, benefits and other events.

(Modesty): Do you remember what album/recording, concert, or group you heard first?
(Rebecca): I don’t remember the first album I listened to but my first concert I went to was 11th hour.

(Modesty): What are your top five favorite groups?
(Rebecca): My top five favorite groups are The Collingsworth Family, 11th Hour, The Erwin’s, The Talleys and the Carr Family.

(Modesty): What is one of your current favorite songs?
(Rebecca): Hmm... that’s hard because there are so many good songs that I absolutely love. But my favorite right now is “Broken Ones” by the Talley Trio. I love this song because it talks about a loving God that cares for broken people in a broken world. It has such a sweet but powerful message.

(Modesty): What SG song was last played on your iPod/CD player?
(Rebecca): “I Found It All” by the Collingsworth Family

(Modesty): How many SG groups have you seen in concert?  Have you kept a tally of how many concerts you’ve attended?
(Rebecca): I’ve seen the Kingdom Heirs at Dollywood a few times and once in concert, I’ve seen 11th Hour once, Squire Parsons a few times and The Collingsworth Family.

(Modesty): Out of all the concerts/events you’ve attended, is there one in particular that sticks out to you as a favorite?
(Rebecca): Definitely The Collingsworth concert! I had the opportunity to play a duet with Mrs Kim and it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me! She is my idol as a musician. For days and even weeks after, thinking back on that night was like recalling a dream. I still can’t get over how amazing that moment was.

(Modesty): Do you prefer to download the music, or own the physical CD's?
(Rebecca): I prefer to download music so I can pop my earbuds in and listen to it when I’m on the go.

(Modesty): Do you sing or play any musical instruments?  If so, which part or instrument?
(Rebecca): Well, it depends on the song and who I’m singing with. I usually sing tenor but sometimes I’ll sing soprano or alto. I play piano, guitar and ukulele.

(Modesty): What SG song do you turn on for a pick-me-up?
(Rebecca): I listen to “It Matters To the Master” by the Collingsworth Family for a pick me up. The song is basically described in the title.

(Modesty): What SG song do you turn on when you need to relax?
(Rebecca): “He Sees What We Don't” by Eleventh Hour.

(Modesty): If you could choose one SG song as a life song, what would it be?
(Rebecca): “Lord, I’m Thankful” by The Perrys. It talks about how we have trials and fears and gives examples of men in the Bible who had faith in God and just like them, we can look back and see that God was with us the whole time and that He is good to us and we can say that we’re thankful at the end of the journey. If anyone hasn’t heard this song, I would encourage you to go look it up.

(Modesty): Do you own any SG records/cassette tapes or do just digital downloads/cds?
(Rebecca): We have some old CDs but I honestly don’t know where they are. So I just do digital downloads.

(Modesty): Do you have anything else you'd like to add for our readers?
(Rebecca): My sisters and I have had the opportunity to sing in some pretty amazing places. We did a combined concert once with Squire Parsons and Ivan Parker. We sing a couple times a year on a tv station out of Greenville SC. We founded the Youth category at the Gospel Singing competition at the WNC Mountain State Fair about 10 years ago and have sang and placed every year since. We’ve placed 1st 7 times, 2nd twice, and 3rd once. Now my sisters are moved out of the house so we don’t sing that much anymore but when we do, it makes my heart happy.    So yep, that’s just a glimpse into my life as a fellow Gospel Music lover.

Rebecca, thank you for joining us for a chat on the blog!  Readers, I hope you enjoyed getting to know another fellow-SG fan.  Remember to contact us if you'd like to be featured!

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