Thursday, June 14, 2018

Moments With Mercy- Interview With Josh & Ashley Franks!

Hey y'all!
Summer has finally arrived and we're getting excited to be at the  Memphis Quartet Show.
  I recently had the chance to interview Josh & Ashley Franks.  While I've never had the chance to meet Ashley, I've met Josh at a few different SG events.
Josh and Ashley travel and sing as well as serving at People's Tabernacle Church in Savannah, TN.

Without further ado, since I know you're as excited about this interview as I am, lets get started!

Mercy: Can you each tell us a little bit about yourselves?
Josh:  I wear many hats. Pastor, Evangelist, Singer, Musician, Promoter, Husband, Father, (Sound-man, Bus Driver, Booking Agent for JAF - Ha!) I grew up in Savannah, Tn and still call that home.
Ashley: I was born and raised in Alabama, until I married at 19! I dropped out of college to get my Mrs. and I never looked back!

Mercy: Can you each share your salvation testimony?
Josh: I was born basically in church. I was saved at a young age when the preacher was preaching at a VBS. He had a flower and was picking the flowers off illustrating ‘he loves me, he loves me not’. I knew that night that Jesus Loved me.
Ashley: I was young but I remember feeling conviction so strongly! I could not sleep, even. I was staying with my grandma one day and I was sitting on her couch when I finally buried my face in the cushions and asked Jesus to live in my heart.

Mercy: How did you two meet? And can you each share your own version 😉
Ashley: I was 18 and it was my first trip to National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY. Josh sang on the same showcase with the group my mom and I had started, Hope’s Journey. I remember thinking that was a LOT of voice for such a small guy! Haha! Later in the week, one of our friends came to me and told me my husband was in another booth at the NQC that week and his name was Josh Franks. I had already decided I didn’t like Josh so I told her she was crazy! I guess she knew more than I thought. 😉
Josh: Yep, what she said PLUS that week she was following me around everywhere. Everywhere I turned it appeared she was there. Wasn’t long afterwards till she begged me to marry her and I gave in. HA! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

Mercy: Can you tell us a little bit about the Josh and Ashley show?
Josh: It kind of feel in our lap unexpectedly. We were there on a couple of different occasions. They evidently liked what they saw and heard and invited us to come back to host our own show.
Ashley The Josh and Ashley Show has been such a major blessing for us. It is something I never thought I’d love, but turns out I’m having a blast! Watch weekly on

Mercy: Josh, Can you share a little about your work promoting SG events?
Josh: I started promoting when I was 15 years old. However, I started booking groups at our church when I was even younger. I’m a old soul and my pastor would have me call certain groups to come. When they would arrive they would be looking for a Mr Josh Franks. When I told them, it is I, they was thinking I was joking and start asking for ‘senior’ Mr Franks.

Mercy: What started each of yours interest in Southern Gospel?
Ashley: When I was 12, a southern gospel group came to my grandma’s church. I had been singing in revivals and such up until that point but I had never heard the style of Southern Gospel and that harmonies and such. I was completely hooked after that night. I never wanted to do anything else!
Josh: Shortly after I was born I was taken to a gospel concert. Even though I don’t remember anything about it, I know that music went into my spirit. My mom and dad have always been gospel music fans from their younger days and have remained. I’ve listened to this music all my life and wouldn’t change it for any other music. Gospel music is life changing music.

Mercy:  How do you balance singing, promoting, the J & A show, songwriting, raising your family and serving at People's Tabernacle Church?
Josh: It’s very challenging to say the least but you just do the best you can and keep plowing.
Ashley:  Most days I feel like I don’t. We just do our best and don’t sweat the small stuff! God gives so much grace.

Mercy: What is something most people don't know about you?
Josh: When they don’t know is the way I want to keep it. Haha!
Ashley: I was captain of the majorette team in high school!

Mercy: What is your advice to an aspiring SG artist?
Josh: Be real! Be yourself! And stay consistent!
Ashley: Be yourself, stay humble, and sing to anyone who will listen.

Mercy: Where do you call home?
Josh: Savannah, Tennessee
Ashley: Anywhere my family is, is home to me!

Josh and Ashley, thank you so much for taking the time to do this it was a pleasure having you on our blog.  Readers, I hope you enjoyed!  Make sure to check out the Franks schedule as well as checking out the many southern gospel events Josh helps put on every year.  Also, if you have yet to see the video of the Frank's daughter, Priscilla sing with the two of them, head over to their Facebook page and watch.  It'll definitely make your morning better :)

Thanks for reading!

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