Friday, June 22, 2018

Taylors "Faithful Again" CD Review!

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 As many of you may already know, the Taylors are my favorite mixed group in southern gospel.  I was so excited when they announced the release of a new cd, and when it came out I was ecstatic!
We've known this group for almost 5 years now, and its always a joy and a blessing to hear them sing.  Faithful Again is the Taylors first release in several years.
 Jonathan Taylor stated- "Our last recording rang out with themes of hope and healing through the valleys and uncertain days of life. This project tells of God's faithfulness throughout our journey. Joy does come with the dawning and it's there we learn that God brought us through the night, as He always does. We wanted to sing about that."  

"Faithful Again" is the song you'll first hear when you turn this project on and it immediately became a favorite in our family!  But now I'm getting ahead of myself.. before going any further, let me give you the complete track list.

1. Faithful Again
2. Anything Less
3. Love Still Flows
4. Every Hallelujah
5. Mountain Of Sorrow
6. Making Me Stronger
7. I Pray Everyday
8. The Sweetest Name I Know
9. Honored, Exalted, And Glorified

While this Cd features the talented voices of all three members, I personally think Suzanne's vocals stand out exceptionally on this album!  From singing the more upbeat "Love Still Flows" to the moving ballad "Making Me Stronger"... if you didn't love her voice before, you will now!

Other songs that really stood out to me on this album include "Anything Less", "I Pray Everyday", and "Mountain Of Sorrow". Though don't get me wrong, in my book they're all hits!

If you've been searching for a cd the entire family will enjoy, then look no further!  With smooth family harmony and a wide array of songs, its an album that has a little something for everyone.  A 10/10 in our opinion!
Well done to the Taylors and the entire team at Stowtown!  This a phenomenal project that is sure to become a classic.
Also, a fun fact for those of you who don't know.  This album was recorded at Capitol Records in Hollywood!  The Taylors and their producer, Wayne Haun, flew out to record the album.
If you'd like to pick up a copy of Faithful Again, click on any of the following links.
The Taylors Website

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