Friday, June 7, 2019

Warning: We're Addicted to The Kingsmen's Victory Shout Album!

The Kingsmen Quartet is a household name for any fan of Southern Gospel. Their rich history of classic Gospel songs, arguably the best live albums ever put out, and incredible vocal lineups throughout the years have made them a fan favorite since the 1950s. Our family got hooked on their music back in the '90s when we first discovered Southern Gospel, and we were looking forward to this brand new album, the first release with the current lineup. We had been told it was a great album and were expecting it to be a favorite, but didn't realize quite how good it would actually be! I made a joke last week about this album being addictive, but it's really not a joke! It has been on repeat pretty much non-stop since our copy arrived about 10 days ago!

The album kicks off with Running To Win, and right from the start you can tell this will be a classic Kingsmen album. Running To Win is an upbeat song that encourages all believers to keep going, remembering the goal ahead of us.

Just Climb features tenor Chris Jenkins and I love the lesson here! If God allows a trial to come into our life, we have confidence knowing He will bring us through...and if that mountain doesn't move, just climb.

I've Ever Been Glad is the quintessential quartet song and will brighten any day. "I've ever been glad that I gave my heart to Jesus" is a truth that every Christian will tell.

Victory Shout is the first single as well as the title song, and it's one of my favorites. If you've heard this song even once, chances are it played over in your head for a while afterward! This song reminds us that even though we may not see how we will gain the victory, our battle has already been won and we should rejoice now, even before we see it for ourselves.

Dear John is a slight change from the typical quartet sound, a song that celebrates our future in Heaven from the standpoint of talking to John about book of Revelation. Kind of a cool approach, in my opinion!

It Still Changes Me describes the Bible's influence in the Christian's life. It encourages, convicts, challenges, and comforts us in our daily walk. We often take God's Word for granted, yet how hard would our life be without it?

King Of Kings tells of Christ's earthly life...seemingly a man, yet He was no common Man...Creator, Savior, Lord, and the King of Kings. This is another one that will get stuck in your head after just one listen!

Prodigal Son features Ray Reese, and tells the well-known parable from Luke 15, then turns it to a personal testimony. Just like that prodigal son, we can repent and return to our Father who will forgive and receive us.

You'll Move Mountains For Me is a song we can all identify with. Another obstacle in our way, another trial we're facing, yet the Lord is with us, working in and through the trial, with the power to move any mountain in our path.

The album ends with That's Where You'll Find Me, a beautiful song that I would estimate has been played at least 50 times in the past 10 days. (I won't say which one, but it's one of the sisters' favorite songs!) Featuring Chris Bryant, this song tells of the beauty of heaven that you will pass by as you find me at the throne of God.

All in all, Victory Shout is a release that will quickly join the ranks of classic Kingsmen albums. Our family loves it, and there's not a bad or "filler" song on it! The current Kingsmen lineup has an incredible sound and if you haven't seen them recently...check to see when they'll be in your area because you do not want to miss this group!

Victory Shout is available from Apple Music, Springside, The Kingsmen's website and of course in concert.

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  1. I love this new project, cant stop listening to it. Thanks for the great review!