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OTPQ Changes and Busy Schedule

OTPQ Changes and Busy Schedule

Nashville, TN (September 17, 2019)  
A few days ago the Old Time Preachers QT booked their 100th date for 2019.  In the world of Southern Gospel Music that is a part-time schedule.  For a group of men who have their own personal ministries, that’s a heavy load.

Group Manager, Les Butler states, “when Mike Holcomb and I started the group we thought if the Lord opened doors for us to do 25-30 dates a year, we’d try to do it.  2017 was our first full year and we did 49 dates.  2018 grew to 64.  This year we are at 100 and counting.”

When the OTPQ needed a lead singer, Les talked to Bob Sellers and told him the quartet would probably do 50-60 dates annually.  Bob said that would put him at his top capacity.  When he left the Kingsmen he did so to start his own solo ministry as well as having more time at home.  Les states, “Our quartet load has dramatically increased making it very difficult to manage schedules.  With much sadness, effective Oct 31 Bob Sellers will be leaving the Old Time Preachers QT to focus exclusively on his solo ministry.”

Bob Sellers states, “I anticipated that balancing the group with my solo ministry would be a difficult task, but I underestimated just how difficult that task would be. I appreciate the unique working relationship that I've had with the group since the start, with the understanding having always been that I would certainly miss some dates now and then. Since leaving The Kingsmen in June 2018, my solo ministry has been my primary focus. That is where my heart is at this point in my life, and it will remain my only focus going forward for the foreseeable future. I wish all the guys of The Old Time Preachers Quartet - Tim, Mike, Les and Adam - and their families all God's best as they carry on.

Butler continues, “Bob is a singing machine and will be missed, but but we understand.  The OTPQ train has gone much further down the track than we ever dreamed.  As most know, we’ve been traveling with 5 members.  Adam Borden has been a part of the OTPQ for 2 years now.  He has been singing lead, baritone and playing bass with the group.  Because of his job with Kubota he could only do about 70% of our dates.  A few weeks ago Adam announced he was leaving Kubota for full-time evangelism.  With that move, this will allow Adam to move to the front line.  As a matter of fact, Adam is the lead vocal on our current single, “He Has.” Adam’s schedule has now been cleared to preach and sing full-time.

Butler concludes, “all the quartet members have their own ministry schedules.  Additionally, I own Butler Music Group and Family Music Group.  There’s only 365 days in a year and 24 hours in a day and the Old Time Preachers Quartet is burning them all!  I believe we will be forced to choose select dates for quartet travel next year.  We don’t have a bus and the group members live in 3 different states.  Oh, and we’re not spring chickens!  With all that said, our 2020 schedule will probably need to be pulled back a bit.  We’re going to have to be selective as we move forward.”

Please mark your calendars for these select Old Time Preachers Quartet dates:
Sept 20, Presidents Theater, Manchester, GA
Sept 21, Glen Anthony BC, Columbus, GA
Sept 22 (AM), Union Hill BC, Ranburne, AL
Sept 22 (PM), Harvest BC, Jonesboro, GA
Sept 28, Ewtonville BC, Dunlap, TN
Sept 29-Oct 1, Pathway BC, Scottsboro, AL

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